Chapter Ten

The cover of my journal has been decided. For awhile the picture of me in front of the sampler appeared to be the one that would be used, however, after seeing the Christmas pictures the cover was changed to one of me sitting on my bench with the 1st Edition copy of the Hitty book as the background. Even a stranger to the story will understand this one. It is a better choice

The contractor, has been here and taken the plans home for the bookcase that will hold my two rooms. He expects to bring the completed bookcase in a couple of weeks then it will be time for Esther to paint it. After that, she will build two rooms for me and they will be in the eye level shelves. The lower one will be as close as she can make it to the Preble parlor as it was the last time the original Hitty saw it and the other will be a bedroom with the cradle and trunk. Esther also made an oval braided rug for the upstairs room.

Russell and Esther celebrated their 54th  wedding anniversary. Russell brought Esther beautiful flowers and they went out to a special place for dinner in the evening. I just know they had a wonderful time.

The area is experiencing a very cold winter. It is 6 degrees below zero at this writing. I am fortunate to be in a warm brick house. I really am not interested in going out in the cold, however, I am not sure just how it would affect me since I am made of wood. I am content to sit upon my bench and watch the activities indoors.

Most of Esther's time is taken with preparation for a talk about the combination of the art of story telling along with wood carving. I am to be the subject. She is to give this talk at the Travelers Club's February meeting. Mr. Fifer is carving another Hitty doll and taking pictures of each step. Esther is preparing a large story board showing the pictures. She will tell about the background of the original Hitty and then explain the pictures to the group of ladies. This is a club that was founded in 1906 and has a program presented each month to expand knowledge on various subjects. I am looking forward to an evening where I will be the center of attention!

My main activity had been watching the making of the poster of pictures and keeping Esther company. She has worked in this computer room most of the time lately. Each day Mr. Fifer sends pictures on the computer of the making of a Hitty. Russell and Esther have also made a booklet about making the doll by using the pictures. It will be a record of just how Hitty #37 was made. Whoever eventually owns her will probably appreciate having a copy of the booklet.


Jessica, the same reporter that wrote a story about Esther's art rooms is planning on writing another story about the program of the original Hitty doll and the art of wood carving using the pictures of Hitty #37. I wonder if having her picture in a newspaper will make her famous. I plan to take a very close look at her when she arrives here!


Speaking of things arriving, I was so surprised to receive a package from Hitty M. with presents she got both of us in Mexico. In it was a Mexican hat, a little wooden bird, and best of all, a silver necklace made just to fit us with an oval turquoise stone set in it. I love it. It is so exciting getting a package in the mail.





Well, Hitty #37 has arrived and she is truly lovely and thinner I might add! I told Esther to just put her back in the box!  If the newspaper plans to use her picture, what will she wear?  I am too modest to have my picture taken without clothes. Remember, the day I arrived here, Esther put a pretty rose shawl around me to have my picture taken to send to Mr. Fifer to let him know that I had arrived safely and then she made me a dress when we took our first trip. Perhaps they should use my picture and let me be the famous one. It will be interesting to see what happens but I will leave that for another chapter.


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