Chapter Thirteen


The day of the meeting of the Travelers Club finally arrived. The day started when Jessica, the reporter arrived to finish the newspaper story and then came the photographer . He took several pictures of me sitting on my bench in the same pose as the cover of this journal but with Esther sitting beside me. He also took a picture with HittyBelle standing beside me. Jessica wants to mention her in the story so she thought it might be a good idea to also have her picture. Which picture the newspaper will use, we do not know The editors of the newspaper will make that decision. I am so pleased he took pictures of those of us that were dressed!  After they left Esther packed all three of us, HittyBelle, #37 and me in a box so Russell could take us over to the house where the meeting was to be held. He took all the props so that both the speakers would not have so much to carry that evening.


When Esther and the other three ladies she was riding with got to the meeting and started setting up the displays I could hear them talking about the terrible weather that had just begun. At 7:00 it seemed the heavens had opened and snow was coming down at a furious pace! There had only been a few flurries during the day and no one had thought about canceling the meeting. Now it was too late! Travelers Club was scheduled to start at 8:00 but a 7:50 the only ones present were the ladies that had come in that one car and the hostess. They kept saying how it seemed such a shame there were so few because of all the effort that had gone into preparing the programs.


Everyone's spirits brightened when one by one snow covered ladies started to arrive each saying, "I would not have come but I wanted to hear the program." The attendance reached 15. This was an outstanding number! Joan and Esther both stated how much they appreciated their extra effort to get there in such terrible weather.


Before the meeting the president introduced a lady running for District Judge. She had been speaking to as many groups as she could so people would get to know her qualifications for the job. She left after her short talk and I think most were impressed with her. I know I was.


After a short business meeting it was time for the programs and the subject for the evening was Art. Joan was first. She had a very interesting talk about Angel Art. She explained about the painting she had brought. The painting is titled "Coronation of the Virgin" by Gaetoni Sani, a copy of the original by Fra Angelico. She also showed a beautiful collage she had made of calendars featuring angels. Joan collects angels and has about 700.


Then it was Esther's turn. A few of the ladies that hadn't heard about me were expecting her to speak about Impressionist art since that has been her main interest the past several years but when she uncovered the story board and moved the easel I was in full view!  They knew then it was not about painting!  She had chosen to do a program on the Art of Story Telling combined with the Art of Wood Carving.


Our display was me sitting on my bench on the rug and 1st edition of the Hitty book as the background. I enjoyed being able to now see the room full of people since I had only been listening from behind the easel. Esther first explained all about the original Hitty and that the book about her had won the Newbery award. She then told them that I was one of the new Hitty dolls being carved by today's  artists and explained how Mr. Fifer had made #37 pointing to the pictures on the story board. Hitty #37 got passed around first and I did hear several comments about the beautiful wood of her body. I was next and they admired my lovely hand-made garments! She concluded her talk by showing my journal and explained the last chapter about the arrival of HittyBelle.. Finally, she passed HittyBelle around which so she would what it is like to be a celebrity.


When we got home and  unpacked, HittyBelle asked me if we often had such interesting evenings!  I explained that this was a special event but we would have other adventures. She is really happy that she has come to live with us.

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