Chapter One Hundred Forty Six-a




We have just had some of the most exciting four days so I will try to catch my breath and tell you about them.   It will probably take two different chapters as I saw Esther and the other ladies with cameras in their hands almost all the time!    Hitty Colleen took the role of photographer for us Hitty.






It started on Wednesday evening when the Hittys from Boston arrived.  We greeted them in our craft room and they talked about their long ride.   This was HittyPie's first visit and we were delighted to meet her.



















By mid-day on Thursday, all the guests were here.  We Hittys unpacked the  gifts we brought and were amused at how excited the adults were at greeting one another.  As I had said in the last chapter, these were people who had been email friends for quite some time but for many of them, this was their first face to face meeting.   After all had calmed down, they were off in a caravan of cars for dinner at the Robertson's favorite restaurant, the Waterhole.

















Bright and early on Friday morning most of us  gathered in the backyard for a group picture and then we were off to a variety of fun.





























Hitty Jean, Hitty-Calamity and Hitty Olina took their stuffed animals to the other room for a long  chat.  I think this is the only time Hitty-Calamity has ever worn anything but her western wear! 






























The first game we played was the ring toss.   Hitty Dallas was quite good at it but Hitty Colleen kept wanting them to stand still for a picture.   They explained that it was not possible to throw the bean bag and stand still at the same time!



























Some of the little folks found the playhouse and played in it for a bit while the bigger Hittys changed their clothes.



























Meanwhile in the other room, the Becassines were preparing for a spaghetti dinner for themselves.   Becassine Robertson was so happy to have others like herself visiting that I think she forgot about the Hittys.






























Hitty-Esther, Primrose, Imogene, Olivia and Em  spent most of the morning in the playhouse.  They wished they had brought their dollies to play but it is hard to remember to bring everything!   I think Lily enjoyed playing there too.  




























A friend from Connecticut sent playground equipment for the little ones and they certainly enjoyed it!


































As the day drew to a close, we started wondering about the Becassines.  Well, it looks like they too were having a great time and one of them a 'greater' time than the others.  


Continued in Chapter 146 b.


















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