Chapter Two

I have had my first trip and it was delightful.

I better start with getting ready since I did need a dress to wear and Esther made one for me. She isn't used to sewing for someone so small but after several days, I at least looked presentable. She says she will do better next time.

We arrived at Penn State University in State College, PA on Tuesday afternoon the third of September because Russell was to take a class on GIS computer systems. I don't know what that is but he does. After we were settled in our room at the Nittany Lion Inn I had my picture taken sitting on the head of the Nittany Lion. It is the school's mascot. This was really a privilege.  I felt so small but Esther stood close by to see that I did not fall.


The next morning Russell went to class and Esther and I stayed in our room so that she could work on the graph for my sampler. Her plans for making it on hardanger are not working so she will try linen. I had never been in a hotel room before so she took my picture. When the maid came to make up the room she was so impressed with me that Esther gave her a copy of Rachel Field's book. She loves and collects dolls but she had not heard of Hitty.


After Russell's class on Thursday we drove to Stockbridge, Mass. so we could see the original Hitty. They took my picture outside the Library where she lives because no photos were allowed in the Historic Room. The curator, Barbara Allen, had just returned from Germany and she spent over an hour with us. We were all impressed with what we saw and learned. The original Hitty is very special. This was the highlight of the whole trip for Esther.



Our next stop was the Norman Rockwell Museum and I had my picture taken sitting on the art work on the grounds. It was done by Mr. Rockwell's son Peter. I am not sure just what these figures represent. They were a bit strange.



After we left Stockbridge we drove to Manchester Center, Vermont but Russell and Esther were disappointed because it had changed so much since their last visit in 1976. I didn't even get out of the car. There were people everywhere! We left within the hour.


Since this was supposed to be a leisurely trip we took our time getting home. We stopped overnight in Syracuse, NY and then on to a hotel right on the waterfront of Lake Erie. It was pleasant watching the boats come and go. We all had a very relaxing evening.



We are home now and everyone seems pleased how everything went but I think I would get to see more if I was being taken around by a child instead of an adult. I just know that Esther and Russell went many places on this trip that I did not get out of her bag. I hope she soon finds a carrier for me that has a window.


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