Chapter Three

A doll can have more experiences other than travel. It takes a bit of effort to get one established. By that I mean something to wear and a few pieces of furniture.

A few days before we left on my first trip my desk and bench arrived from Mr. Fifer. He made them exactly like the ones pictured in my book. Esther was so pleased to receive them. She likes working with wood but these pieces looked more difficult than she was used to making. I think it also had something to with her lacking the tools that were needed. I enjoy sitting on my bench better than that big chair. It is more my size.

The arrangement with the Fifer's had included a dress for me but it was not ready at the time I was shipped. Esther was in such a hurry to have me that I arrived in just my undergarments. Mrs. Fifer was to send the dress along at a later date. It arrived this past week, the third week in September. It is a brown print just like the one the original Hitty wears. Mrs. Fifer had the fabric made some years ago and has only a limited supply so I am fortunate to have one like this. Esther did not know that the dress should also have the white buttons that were on it and when she moved them to make the dress fit me, she changed them to brown to match the dress. After learning that the original had white buttons and this dress was to be as close to that as possible she quickly changed them back to the antique buttons that were on it. We both like it better this way.

There are some friends visiting the Robertsons at this time and Mrs. Mould and Esther started a layout of the room I am to have eventually. They kept reading the description of the Preble house where the original Hitty lived and at this time it sounds like that is what will happen. I think Esther will have to make everything because it is not going to be in the same scale in which she has been working.

She also received more information about the history of the original Hitty and it seems she had different pieces of furniture than pictured in the book. She lived for time in California and had a bookcase apartment and that is where the furniture pieces were different. When she came back to New England she had only the desk, bench and her summer quilt. I don't know where her cradle and sea chest are located.

I have been watching Esther work on a sampler like the one Thankful did so long ago. She had some difficulty determining what type of fabric to use. The Fifers sent her their sampler made by Linda Camus to look at and it has been a tremendous help. It is worked on hardanger 22 and so Esther is using the same. She got a bit heavy handed with the scissors and cut some strands that were impossible to repair so alas she had to start over!  I think it is going well this time. She has said many times that she admires the workmanship of the lady who made the Fifer's sampler. Esther is making hers very slightly different so as not to copy another artist's exact work.

I have heard talk about a trip to North Carolina to see their granddaughter Jennifer and then on to Washington, DC to see some more of the family. I certainly hope that I will be taken along. I do love to travel and meet new people.

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