Chapter Four


I did get to go along to North Carolina.  We had such fun. We are home now but I will try to relate the events of the trip.

First of all I traveled in my new carrier. It isn't exactly what I wanted, no window, but at least I can get out of it easier and therefore can have an opportunity to see more. It is a little quilted purse that just fits me and also fits inside Esther's hand  bag. In fact, it matches exactly!  She got it when she went to a trunk showing with her friend. I heard her say that it is the kind of bag she carries at miniature shows and therefore I can go with her. I do believe we are going to a miniature show quite soon.

Our first night away from home was in Ashland, VA but I didn't get to see much. Russell still won't take me to a restaurant. He feels he needs a child at the table.

I got to be part of a family joke. When the Robertson children were growing up and the family would travel Russell would wake the children and have Esther take a picture when they would cross a bridge. According to the children these were nothing but pictures of the guard rails taken through the car windows and even a bit blurry since the car was moving. They said he would always say "Look kids, a bridge!" They still tease their father about it. Well, when we took the by-pass around the city of Richmond, VA he told Esther to take me out of the case, put me on the dashboard and take my picture as we passed this strange bridge. When we got home we emailed this picture to the children with the caption "Look Hitty, a bridge!"  They loved it!

We arrived at their granddaughter Jennifer's house the afternoon of the second day. She is married to a captain in the Marine Corps and they live in a new house at the Country Club about a half hour from Camp Lejune. Jennifer wanted to hear all about me so I got out of the travel case almost immediately. She listened to the whole story and Esther gave her a book so she could read about the first Hitty. I think she thought I was a bit strange since the dolls she had had when she was a little girl were not like me, however, she said she would read the book after our visit.

During our visit Esther got out the sampler and spent a few hours working on it. Jennifer is used to her grandmother doing needlework since it has been a part of her life for some time.

Esther said that I needed some sea shells so the next morning we all went to the beach. Adam did not go, he had to go to the base. Esther and Jennifer collected some shells for me. You can see I have quite a few from which to choose. It is a very quiet beach and the whole time we were there we only saw six people. Russell took several pictures but I wanted this one in my journal so everyone could see Jennifer. She is the oldest of the family's grandchildren.


I had to put this picture in also so one could see the lovely shells. I really liked the beach. It was a beautiful day and we did get to see a shrimp boat also. Esther doesn't like to go into the water but she did walk along the edge and let the waves come over her ankles. They all had a bit of a time trying not to get sand in the car.  I, of course, did not have that trouble since I never had to actually sit on the sand.



We left North Carolina a few days later and traveled to a suburb of Washington, DC where Carol and some more of the family live. It was a troubling time. There was a sniper shooting people at random so the family canceled their plans to meet at their favorite restaurant and decided to just stay at Carol's house and have dinner. I met another granddaughter named Amy. I soon found out that I was not the main attraction at this place. His name is Ben!  He is the only great grandchild that the family but we heard the news that he won't have that status come next May. It was quite a celebration with the news about the new baby. This is a happy family and children are so very welcome. Amy liked me also and was delighted that she finally got to see the real me.

On our last day in DC Esther went to a store called G Street Fabric.  She used to work there before Russell retired and so she spent a lot of her time visiting with people. The people at this store wanted to know all about her latest activity and so she showed me to them. They remember her involvement with miniatures and so I was not a surprise. One of the ladies had read the book and another one collects dolls so I really was a hit. Esther was able to purchase the fine batiste, tiny trim and buttons she wanted. She plans to share these with Mrs. Fifer.

We left the store and then drove home. Russell said we had driven almost 1300 miles and he didn't want to drive very far for dinner!


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