Chapter Nine

Christmas Day arrived at last and all those that were wishing for a white Christmas got their wish!   There were several inches of snow on the ground and more was coming. Carol called very early to say that she and Martha would postpone their coming until the following day. A very wise decision as the Pennsylvania Turnpike had even more snow than we did and there was much more expected in that area. The roasting of the turkey just had to wait.

Bad weather did not stop the opening of gifts that had already arrived and had been placed under the tree. I got to sit right in the middle and show off my new rug. One of Esther's gifts was a first edition copy of the Hitty book with the three color plates from Sharman and Bill her son and daughter-in-law. She is thrilled!

The day after Christmas dawned clear and dry so Carol and Martha were on their way early. While they were in route Esther and Russell prepared all the food for the dinner so very little had to be done once the girls arrived. First thing upon their arrival was another gift opening session. What a surprise that turned out to be!  When Esther opened her DVD player she really didn't know what it was. They explained to her that now she could listen to her favorite orchestra, Andre Rieu, any time she wanted. She was so pleased.

Then came the package for Russell and it was even more of a surprise than the gift for Esther. It was a laptop computer! Now it is probably evident to any reader of this journal that I make my home with a modern family who lives in the computer age. Since this is my environment I too must stay current with its terms. These are far different times than existed for the original Hitty. She might even think it rather strange when a laptop computer is brought into her room at the Library to record data. I know she wrote her memoirs with a quill pen and I am capable of the same but I would like to try the computer. I do fear though that my mitten shaped hands will be a problem.

The girls spent most of their visit helping setting up a network with the new laptop and showing Esther how to use the DVD player. All this digital technology makes one's head spin and for a little wood doll it is beyond comprehension! I suppose I must pay attention and at least try to understand some of it.

We also have had family visitors such as Esther's nieces but I am not the focus of their interest so I just remained seated on my bench and observed the goings on. At these times the family gathers around the fireplace enjoying wine with shrimp, cheese and crackers and reminisces about times in the past. Dinner is then served buffet style. Esther says this is the easiest and I have learned, even though food is not something of interest to me, that she likes to take the easiest path when it comes to meals. No one seems to be suffering any ill effects.

As I finish this chapter all guests have gone and the house is returning to quiet sanity. Barbara called to say how happy and surprised she was to receive the sampler and Mr. Fifer had let Esther know before Christmas that the Misses Hitty Fifers were pleased with their rug. My first Christmas is over and I deem it a wonderful one!

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