Chapter One Hundred Seven






We Hittys live an interesting life and one of our most fun activities is to have Hitty visitors.  We had known for weeks that Hitty Jean, her sisters and her mother from Boston were to visit us.  When the day finally arrived Hitty Colleen could not contain herself and grew quite impatient for Russell and Esther to leave for the airport.  She kept urging them to leave as she was sure they were not going to be there to meet the plane.


















When everyone arrived back at the house, it was so exciting.   We had met Martha last year at the Guthrie Hitty Gathering but we had never met Hitty Jean.   She arrived bringing us knit hats, sweaters/shawls and mittens.   Trying to decide which to try on first was so much fun.   I tried to keep a bit of order.  Hittys do love to exchange gifts.























During the tour of our rooms, she asked just how we slept in a bed covered with so many dolls and pillows.   I assured her that come nighttime it isn't a problem to clear everything off.


















That evening Esther and Russell took Martha to dinner at Zelienople's oldest restaurant, the Kaufman House.   She was the fourth generation of her family to have dinner there.  We did finally get some sleep even though we spent several hours just visiting and catching up on all the news from the world of Hittys.  









The next day was Hitty Club!  That is always a treat for visitors and this was no exception.   The theme was Fall Festival with lunch being served on the patio.   Some of us were pressed into service as the table centerpiece! 

















Hitty Jean and Martha were quite impressed with Twin Manor and wanted to see every detail.   I could hear them oohing an aahing as she went from room to room.   I am not sure exactly which rooms were their favorites.  I will share two of the pictures that were taken.





























The last day of the visit was taken up with Martha and Esther doing various little odds and ends.   There was a little doll to be made, some repairs and of course, a lot of looking at pictures on the computer.  I don't think  either of them got much sleep.








On Sunday after taking our quests to the airport, it was time to put the downstairs back in order.   Much to Esther's surprise, little Gretta had gotten herself in trouble.  She found her way into the container of candy corn and sat there proudly holding on tightly to the Etch-a-Sketch wearing one of the Halloween hats!  Becassine and Hitty Colleen had tried in vain to get her back to her room before she got caught!









These wonderful four days are over and now we look forward to our next visitors from North Carolina and celebrating Halloween.







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