Chapter One Hundred Sixteen



Visiting Hittys make the best houseguests!   Our visitors were Hitty Jean and Hitty March and their sisters from the Boston area.  It had been a long drive for them and we were delighted to see them.    These past two days have been fun filled and we packed as much activity into those 48 hours as we possibly could.




The first thing to capture everyone's attention was the piece of unusual fabric Esther had gotten the day before at Hitty Club, so off we went to the store to get the needed thread to make a dress.  We passed Michaels and we Hittys just had to stop! There is always something there that Hittys need.
























Meanwhile at home Becassine was quite busy.  Little Michael insisted on wearing the hat and  mittens the visitors had brought him.   She explained that it was spring now and really too warm for such things.





























Hitty Jean took one look at the bedroom and went to work putting it in order. 



























Becassine complimented Hitty March and Hitty Carol for their neatness.   They had taken most of the books from the bookcase searching for a particular one but did return them to reasonable order.


















Such a flurry of activity! While Esther and Martha worked on dresses, Pit-Pat spent time taking a lot of pictures of her Hittys for the story she is writing for her blog. She did show the adults some of the pictures but all will have to wait until it is finished to see the story unfold.












Finally, the first dress was finished.   Hitty March was quite pleased with how she looked in it.   After seeing the results, Hitty Carol started urging Esther to get busy making one for her.



























The last day of the visit everyone went to a fabulously interesting store ... Slovak Folk Crafts at Grove City, PA, about a half hour drive from our home.  There is a 17 foot wide woodcarving of a village in Slovakia and a vast array of hand painted pottery.  The woodcarving shows animated figures acting out some of the traditions of the village in past times.  It is unbelievable!  Visitors always find it incredible.



















There were other items of woodcarving, bobbin lace, painted eggs and a wide variety of pottery. Everything is handmade in Slovakia or Poland.   Hitty Colleen and Hitty March explored every room.  They particularly liked the delicate wood church.  
























Hitty Colleen climbed up onto one of the shelves to get a closer look at one of the trays of hand painted eggs.




























Strange items indeed kept getting Hitty Colleen's attention.





























Discovering the same pattern of the cereal bowls at home was exciting for her.   I guess she pays more attention to detail than I have ever given her credit.























At the end of the visit, Hitty Jean, Hitty March and Hitty Colleen discovered a beautiful painted Easter basket filled with decorated eggs.  I think this was more of a highlight for them than the huge carving since the owner of the shop stopped to admire them.  He was impressed that we Hittys are also hand carved! 












We made a stop at the nearby miniature store, ate lunch and then our visitors were off for their drive home.   It was a wonderful, fun filled time and we were sorry they had to leave so soon.   We were promised another visit.


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