Chapter One Hundred Seventeen








As I look out the window I can see the trees beginning to sprout pink buds. Spring is arriving like a breath of fresh air.  That means it is time to get out all the Easter items we have stored from year to year plus open the packages of new things.  Each holiday carries with it many traditions and for Easter there are colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and baskets full of goodies.  





















In the kitchen Becassine had colored eggs ready for us to distribute.  Some years she lets us help her but she said she didn't like cleaning the mess we usually made, so had done the job herself.























Tasha was curious as to what was in the boxes.  Perhaps she could smell the chocolate.   Hitty Carol was careful to keep all edible items on the table where she

couldn't reach them.


























One of the best parts about Easter for us is to get  dressed in brightly colored dresses.  Now we could finally wear the dresses Esther made last fall out of a toaster cover!

I remember when she saw it she tried to buy the same fabric but couldn't, so she bought the toaster cover and was so pleased to get three dresses out of it.




















Easter morning has dawned clear and bright and what joy it was to see the little ones get so excited.  Hopefully we can all go out for a walk later and have our own Easter parade.























Following a couple weeks after Easter will be May Day.   At the last Hitty Club meeting we practiced for our celebration. May Day, like many ancient festivals has a Pagan connection and has never been celebrated as enthusiastically in the United States as in Great Britain.  The tradition of May Day dancing and singing around a maypole, tied with colorful streamers or ribbon, is part of the English tradition.  The idea of children dancing around a pole appealed to us.   This year we want to take part so we dressed in our matching dresses made with the lovely embroidered organdy from Finland made by Eileen and had a merry time getting ready.







For most of the country it has been a very long and hard winter and we hope all Hittys everywhere will now be able to get outdoors and enjoy warm weather and sunshine.  


We wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!






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