Chapter Fourteen


I am famous! The Hitty story was printed in the newspaper! They put a picture of HittyBelle and me on page one!  I was also pictured with Esther on the front page of the Focus section. There were pictures showing some of the steps Mr. Fifer took to make Hitty #37 but her picture wasn't printed. I hope she doesn't mind. Jessica, the reporter wrote about the original Hitty and how there is so much interest about her today. She had also interviewed two other ladies involved with today's Hitty dolls. Esther and I are pleased with the article.


I wonder, do the other Hitty dolls have these same experiences such as appearing in the press and being the main topic of a program? I know that HittyBelle and I are enjoying being "The Robertson Hittys" and look forward to more such attention. There is a busy schedule ahead with a trip to Maryland and then Esther is taking us to an Art Exhibit in Florida where her friend Mary Ann is one of the featured artists.


Shortly after we return we are supposed to go back to Penn State with Russell followed by New York for a miniature show. I remember going both of those places so it will be up to me to explain to HittyBelle about airport security and how to greet Esther's friends at the show. Hopefully some of the other Hitty dolls will be there also. I enjoyed meeting them last year in Philadelphia.


There is a snow storm raging outside. I understand that everyone on the east coast is snow bound but we are only going to get about half the amount those areas are experiencing. We do, however, have enough that there is concern as to whether or not Adam and Jennifer who are visiting this week-end will be able to fly home as scheduled. Nine or ten inches of snow makes travel very difficult and more snow is expected. At times like these I am so thankful that I am just a simple wood doll and do not have to venture outdoors.

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