Chapter One Hundred Forty Six-b






We awoke Saturday morning with doubtful weather and hoped we could get in all the activities that were planned.   We took time to enjoy a breakfast of tasty pastries before packing our baskets for a picnic.





























By noon, it looked like the rain would hold off and we could have our picnic.  The ladies had made hats the day before and we were so pleased to have a chance to show them off.  If you attended the picnic, you had to wear a hat!

























I finally got some private time to visit with another Hitty who came from the same carver, Mr. Fifer.  We enjoyed talking about our Hitty families but then I had to get back to taking notes for these chapters.  








































The ladies spent the afternoon finishing their hats and some worked on an embroidery project.  Hitty Dallas and Hitty Carol enjoyed watching for awhile.





























Everyone got so involved in their own activities that the little ones were left alone.   Each family had brought along a Becassine to help but they were no where to be seen and the little ones got into mischief in the backyard!




























Suddenly there was the sound of thunder which sent several of the Hittys scurrying for  their raincoats to retrieve the picnic supplies. 
































After the storm, the sun returned and all play was resumed.   We bigger Hittys spent our time visiting with one another but the little ones never ran out of energy.   They were back at play in full force!   Michael and Mikey tried their best to make a telephone out of tin cans and string while a couple of the other boys and the tiny Hittys played with a boat in the pool.



























As the week-end came to a close, I found some of the Becassines resting in the parlor.  One would have thought they had been given the week-end off as they seemed quite unconcerned about their charges!  























The visit is over and we all have wonderful memories.  All the guests are safely back home and we now go through the let down phase. We had looked forward to this visit for several months and now, it is back to our normal routine.  There is, however, one exception.   Hitty Paige has come to live with us and we are overjoyed to have her.  So, until next chapter, this is a tired but happy Hitty Robertson wishing all our readers good times ahead. 

















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