Chapter Sixteen

Our family of Hitty dolls is growing! This past week-end we all went to Maryland to see family and friends. The first stop was at a doll show in Gaithersburg so Esther could meet the carver of HittyBelle. She just planned to say hello to Judy Brown and perhaps buy an outfit or two for us but there in her booth sat this precious little doll on a pin cushion! There was absolutely no way she could leave her!  She adopted her immediately and as soon as we got to the car she took her off the pin cushion. We Hitty dolls are created at the time we are carved and stay with our carver until just the right person sees us or needs a Hitty doll. Most of us do not have to wait very long before we are adopted.

At first Esther wasn't sure if this tiny creature was going to be a doll for HittyBelle and me or a little sister. She took all of us to the miniature show on Sunday where we visited with her friends and when we came out of the carrying case one of them asked the name of the little one. Esther really hadn't thought about a name if she was to be just a doll but all felt she really was more like a sister. Several names were discussed but HittyPat seemed to fit at least for the moment.

When we got home and got settled we all realized she was really a little sister. The name HittyPat fit her just right and since it was suggested by Esther's friend Pat she became her godmother. I am not sure exactly what that means to a Hitty doll but I think it means that HittyPat is also special to someone other than Esther

It is delightful having other Hitty dolls in the family. When I first arrived Esther and I both thought I was to be an only doll but now that there are several of us we like it. HittyBelle agrees and little HittyPat just echoes her new sisters!

We had a special visitor!  A young girl named Julia in our town had just read the Hitty book with her mother and Esther invited them to come see a real Hitty doll. Esther told all three of us dolls to be on our best behavior. We did our best to impress her. I think we were successful since Julia took turns holding each of us. Now she is going to read the newer Hitty book and this journal. We invited her and her mother to come back after our rooms are completed and I just know they will.

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