Chapter Seventeen

We are back from Florida and glad to be home. Airport security was even tighter than our last trip since our return was the first day of the war with Iraq. I had prepared HittyBelle and HittyPat so at least they knew not to be too frightened when the security man reached in our little travel case to make sure we were not carrying sharp articles or explosives. The whole experience was a bit unnerving but the actual visit with Esther's friend was delightful.




Our primary reason for making the trip to Florida was to visit Mary Ann and see her paintings in an Art Exhibit. The exhibit had closed to the public the day before our arrival but most of the paintings were still hanging. The first morning we went over to the gallery so we could see the paintings and take pictures. We dolls had never seen water color paintings before so Mary Ann explained them to us. She took me up very close so I could see one of her favorites. It was beautiful. Some of the other paintings were still hanging but we all liked Mary Ann's the best.


It seemed to me that the rest of the visit was just for talking about old times. Esther and Mary Ann have been friends for over fifty years and they talked about many subjects. She had never seen a Hitty doll before so we were the main topic for quite awhile. For many years Mary Ann collected elephants and she has them in many sizes. We dolls spent most of our time sitting beside the one on the coffee table while we listened to their conversations.



On the last day of our visit Mary Ann's daughter came over to help bring the paintings back to the house. When she had them all back she spent the rest of the day finding a place on the walls to hang them. She is a big help to her mother. We got to watch and then had some fun having our pictures taken with some of the other elephants. HittyBelle insisted as usual on not just looking at this elephant but getting on top of it. I tried to coax her to come down but she wanted to sit on the elephant's head! At this point I was glad Esther didn't let little HittyPat even near this big one. I know they are not alive but just the size of this one was frightening!

Mary Ann used to have a great many elephants but since she has taken up painting she has lost interest in collecting them and has given many away. She just kept her favorites. In some ways they are like dolls but I do think Hitty dolls are more fun. We each are different and have our own personalities.



It is good we came home when we did because very early the next morning the contractor brought the bookcase that will house the rooms that Esther is going to make for us. Oh, it is going to be so exciting watching our rooms become a reality. I can hardly wait!

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