Chapter Eighteen


We just had a wonderful week-end.   Esther took all three of us along to the IGMA Miniature Show in Rye, New York. Of course we had to fly with all its hassles and this time the airplane was so small and old that it was laughable if one can call being up in the air on a very old plane humorous!  There were only eight other passengers on the plane.  It was raining quite hard when we arrived at our destination but we were snug and dry in our travel case. Esther, however, did not fare as well.


The very first afternoon we got to visit with the Hittys that came with her friend Barbara. I had met several of them before in November and was glad to see them again. Of course, HittyBelle and HittyPat hadn't met any of them and so we all spent some time getting acquainted. It never ceases to amaze me how different we all look. You can tell which artist made us but we each still have an individual face. It is plain to see in this picture that two of us were carved by Mr. Fifer and four of us were created by Judy Brown.

That evening Esther went with her friends to the preview of the show but we Hittys stayed in the room for a rest. When she returned she told us she had ordered a Windsor rocking chair for our parlor. I was pleased. She also got us some books. One has a picture of a little girl on a swing on the cover and I spoke up and said that I wanted to be the first to read that one.   HittyPat's godmother and her Aunt Marilyn were there and bought her a tiny little wooden doll. I will help her take care of it!


Saturday afternoon I got to see the Mr. & Mrs. Fifer again and this time they had several Hitty dolls with them. They had just gotten Rosy Cheeks by Judy Brown and she was sporting the most beautiful outfit. It was a copy of the Charles Dickens outfit that the original Hitty had worn on that fateful New Year's Eve when she and Isabella got separated and Hitty fell into the hands of some roughnecks. I had never met Freckles or Hitty Sally-Gigi and was delighted to make their acquaintance also.



All week-end Esther and the other ladies kept telling us that Sunday morning was really going to be special since a friend was bringing a number of her Hitty dolls to visit. And special it truly was!   I hardly know where to start to tell about it.   There were Hittys from many different carvers and dressed in many different costumes. Some of them looked just like the illustrations in the book. There was one dressed as a gorgeous bride, one in an oriental outfit, one as a nurse and many more that have escaped my memory. I do remember the one that was fitted into a pin cushion, fortunately she can be lifted out if need be. She was truly lovely.


The best part of the morning was getting to meet Hitty Elizabeth!  She is so well traveled. We had heard so much about her and seen her picture many times. I felt like I already knew her. Esther took this picture of us together which included Freckles. Notice I am wearing my turquoise necklace. I kept fussing about not being able to wear it out of the house so Esther fastened it to my dress with a couple of stitches in the back so I wouldn't lose it which had previously been her concern. I am sure the others thought it was just as lovely as I do.


Our time together was very short as we had to pack and prepare to return home. I did hear talk, however, about us coming back to this same place next year for a Hitty event.  I do enjoy looking forward to trips and events. Next week we are all going to Penn State University again and then to Maryland and North Carolina in May to visit family. There won't be any Hitty dolls at those places but I know we will find something of interest and have a wonderful time.

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