Chapter Nineteen

We are home after several trips and many events, some of which we Hittys were included. We returned to Penn State University for a few days but nothing of note happened to us so we looked forward to coming home and watching Esther go back to work on our parlor room. We finally got to see and enjoy it for a few days before we left for Maryland and North Carolina but we can't officially move in until our bedroom is finished so that will have to be in another chapter.


In the meantime we have been able to enjoy beautiful summer weather. Early one morning HittyBelle, dressed in her pretty summer frock, decided to take HittyPat for a walk in our wagon. Both of them thought it great fun.   I don't think they wanted to come back indoors.





A few days later we left for Maryland to welcome a new baby boy in the family and then on down to North Carolina to visit the Robertson's son David and their granddaughter and her husband. David's back yard was most interesting.  HittyBelle and I tried to pick wild flowers. We sat on the porch and watched the many different kinds of birds come to the feeders. I got worried that one of them would carry us off just like the crow that carried the original Hitty away from Phebe so I insisted that Esther take us inside. Also, the evening before there was a fox just behind where we were picking flowers and I had no wish to get acquainted with it.


HittyBelle and I were curious about the chess set on the coffee table and we tried to play but the rules seemed so complicated and since we couldn't move the pieces ourselves we decided that it best to leave it to the human people. HittyBelle kept looking around the room and spotted several figurines. She insisted on taking a closer look so Esther took us over to them. I wanted nothing to do with the wolf but as usual HittyBelle had to see it up close.



Why she likes to see everything up close I just don't know. I suppose it is because she has such a penchant for curiosity. Sometimes I don't mind going with her but I really do prefer the subject to be lovely such as the little Hummel figurines on the mantel.



It really was a lovely visit with the family coming and going and I tried to listen to as many conversations as I could. After a week we started our trip home with a stop back in Maryland to see the new baby again. I was so pleased that his brother Ben was accepting him since he has been the center of attention for almost two years. I will look forward to future visits but now is the time for Esther to get back to work on our rooms.


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