Chapter 20


We have finally moved into our new rooms!  All three of us were delighted that moving day had come. Our things were scattered about the Robertson's house so we gathered them together and packed. Most of the little things we could put into boxes but we did need a truck for the furniture so Esther hired the Tonka Moving Company. The truck didn't  hold many pieces at any one time so it had to make several trips. Esther didn't  want us to go near the truck so it was up to me to keep curious HittyBelle away. She was more interested in the truck than helping with the move and of course, little HittyPat is too small to be of any help so she just sat and played with her little doll.


Our rooms are lovely!  Esther used the description of the parlor in the Hitty book as much as she could. It is paneled and painted a linen color. The parlor room has a big fireplace, two corner cupboards for our china animal collection and when you look out the window you can see a big pine tree. The tree pictured is one on Mr. Fifer's property. She even made a little preserve cupboard above the fireplace and carved a "P" in the door. The floors in both rooms are cherry and laid in a random width pattern. At the end of this chapter click for detailed pictures.


When all our things were brought to the rooms, HittyBelle and I started to unpack and put our belongings where we wanted them. I hung the sampler and then Esther moved the desk under it. HittyBelle unpacked the china animals and we put them in the corner cupboards. We have dogs and cats plus a couple of bunnies and a lamb. We have our own dollhouse with tiny needlepoint rugs. Esther made them many years ago. It had been in her collection of miniatures and now it is ours. We have several things for the mantel including a pretty vase of flowers.


The walls in the bedroom are sponge painted linen with an olive colored wainscot. We have a beautiful tester bed and quilt rack made by Mr. Fifer. On the one side of the room is our clothes alcove. We had so much to do to get settled such as making the bed, putting the quilts on the quilt rack and hanging up our clothes but it all went well. I know we need more furniture but I am sure that will come eventually. 


When one moves into new quarters it takes time to do all the furnishing and decorating. HittyBelle and I tried to pick out a painting or two from Esther's Miniature Art Gallery for the walls but we couldn't  decide which one we wanted to use. HittyBelle likes the Impressionist's  paintings and I really prefer Vermeer. Perhaps we will use a contemporary artist's   work, something with children as the subject. We do have a picture of the original Hitty and we will hang that it our bedroom.


Even though we have these lovely rooms I do hope we can still be upstairs for most of the time. In order to write this journal I need to be where I can see and hear what is happening and of course, all three of us are always ready to go with the family on any adventures.


Feel welcome to see details of our new home by clicking here.


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