Chapter Twenty One


Waiting for events can be so exciting and yet, sometimes I think it makes time go slower! In June, Esther told us that she was planning a birthday party or adoption celebration for the third week of August to mark the first anniversary of my arrival and her entrance into the world of Hittys. She sent out an invitation via email to some of our Hitty friends and they thought it was a great idea! Some of them are arriving by overnight mail and others are coming with their parents and staying at the Inn on Grandview. The Inn is a wonderful bed and breakfast establishment just a few blocks from where we live. She marked the dates with a red circle and showed them to me. I could then keep track of just how many more days we had to wait.



There is much to do to get ready for a party. We Hittys just get to watch but we try to listen to every conversation. Esther ordered a cake  and then started shopping for favors. She explained that when guests come from far away they need to go home with mementos of their visit. I agree. She found adorable little teddy bears and puppies and we all know Hittys love stuffed animals, in fact I just decided that is what I will collect! Her niece Brenda wanted to also give the Hittys a gift so she brought Esther some tiny white beads to be made into a necklace for each guest. They will also receive a miniature photo album so as to have a copy of all the pictures taken but they will get those a bit later since it will take time to print the pictures.




One morning HittyBelle and I went out on the front stoop to see if that was going to be a good vantage point for us to watch for our guests when that day arrives. I don't think Esther is going to let us sit there though, she says it might be raining and we really should sit inside on the sideboard where we usually greet our guests.







Everyone knows that girls like to dress up for parties and we Hittys are no exception. The dress I will wear to the party is white with tiny flowers that Aunt Barbra-Jean sent me and I will wear a lovely green one made by Aunt Sally to greet our friends. It is made from the same fabric used in the master bedroom of Twin Manor and Esther sent it to her to do the sewing since she wanted it to be made much better than she was capable of doing. I love them both.







When HittyBelle heard I was getting new clothes she asked for a new dress also and Esther ordered her a special outfit. As soon as she put it on she insisted on going out to the flower garden and having her picture taken. Esther told her she could wear the dress but not the bonnet and apron to the party. HittyBelle is so happy with it and I must admit, she looks very pretty in it. We both love to get new clothes.






After the cake arrived we set the table. I know it must seem strange for a cake to come so early but one must remember, we dolls don't actually eat the food so it can be made of just about any material. We Hittys will just pretend to have cake and punch but the adults will actually have dinner. A bit later Esther's  friend Harriett came over to help us decorate the parlor. I think it looks lovely and so festive!


Now the plans are complete, the caterer lady has been here and checked on the menu for the adults, the house is in order and all we have to do is wait for our guests to arrive! We are so excited!

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