Chapter Twenty Two


The birthday party is over! It was such a wonderful time and I certainly don't  want to leave out any details so I will start at the beginning.


The guests for the party started arriving early. Dallas Brown flew unaccompanied for the first time since her mother had an engagement elsewhere and couldn't actually bring her. She was so glad to see HittyBelle again and of course, HittyBelle had to catch up on all the news from Virginia. They did include me in their conversation and then we showed Dallas around our new rooms and she was impressed. We told her about the other Hittys we were expecting and she got just as excited as we were.





We had several days to visit with Dallas before the rest of the guests arrived so we entertained ourselves by playing Trivial Pursuit. That game certainly does exercise one's mind!








The day before the party Freckles Fifer, Hitty Grace, Hitty Jean, Hitty Hannah and their older sister loaded their car. When Hitty Elizabeth, Hitty Nanette and some of their sisters arrived the two families drove across the Turnpike. I was surprised they weren't  exhausted after such a long trip but their only complaint was the condition of that Turnpike with all its curves and construction which I fully understood since we also travel that road when visiting relatives.





When they arrived in Zelienople some of them checked into The Inn on Grandview that is near our home. Mitty Marshall flew in from Kansas City and she stayed at the Inn also. I wanted them to see this little town so we took a tour and stopped to have our pictures taken in front of one of the welcome signs.





We all gathered in the parlor for cake and punch and a social time. Little HittyPat just sat on the floor and couldn't understand what was happening so Esther let her spend the rest of the time in the bedroom with her toys. Perhaps when she grows up she will enjoy parties more.



Everyone loves to get presents and we Hittys are no exception. I am just not sure at this point in what order everything happened as it was so exciting but all the guests opened their favors and chose the bears and puppies they wanted from the basket. The Hittys were thrilled with the little travel doll that Dallas's mother had made for each of them and also there were little cloth kittens, more teddy bears and pinafores for us.





Since it was my birthday I was showered with gifts. The adults helped me open them and for a minute I thought I would get lost in a pile of wrapping paper. It really took me several hours because Esther and the others would exclaim over each package. There were dolls, teddy bears, a new dress, pinafores, lovely bonnets, books, and I could just go on and on!  That evening when more adult friends arrived for dinner there were even more presents!   I was overwhelmed!







One of our activities was a tour of the miniature Art Gallery. HittyBelle and I had enjoyed our tour there earlier (Chapter15) so we took those guests that were interested in art. Freckles wanted to know more about the painting by Berthe Morisot so HittyBelle explained it to her. She is more knowledgeable about the Impressionist than I.



We were telling everyone about the miniatures in the room we live in and several of them got quite adventurous. Hitty Elizabeth, Freckles and Mitty  actually went in Twin Manor!  I just gasped!








Before anyone else could get mischievous we all went upstairs for a sing-a-long. Russell played the piano and we got to sing old songs like "Shine on Harvest Mood" and ones from that era. Not all of us have a singing voice but we enjoyed it anyway. We all wore our white bead necklaces that was one of our favors and we each had our own song sheet.





That evening a few friends of the Robertsons joined the adults for dinner. The caterer set up three tables in the display room and they had a buffet dinner. Six of us sat on the table by their cake and they all sang Happy Birthday to me!  There was only one candle on the cake since it is a year this week that I came to live here.







Some of the Hittys wanted to sleep over instead of going back to the Inn. We got into our nightgowns and decided to play Trivial Pursuit. Dallas took time to explain the game before she got ready for bed. Little HittyPat was delighted we had come upstairs but she just kept playing with her toys.



Everyone has gone home now and HittyBelle and I helped Esther tidy our  parlor. We have so many wonderful memories and I do hope that I have been able to tell about the events in such a way that anyone reading this journal will know what a delightful time was had by all. 



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