Chapter Two Hundred Twenty


Our Boston friends finally arrived!  We were so glad to see each other and immediately made the schedule for our road trip.  After deciding what to wear, print maps, pack the car and a good night's sleep, we were off.






Our first stop was a little restaurant in the basement under the grocery store in Kidron, Ohio where Esther thinks they serve the very best Dutch apple pie.  It was next door to our first destination, an unusual hardware store. This store services an Amish community that does not use electricity, as well as today's households so the merchandise is quite varied.  For example, just how many hardware stores in your community carry hand pumps for kitchens?






















We roamed around the store finding items of interest and stopped for a treat at the little cafe near the entrance.  A perfect place for people watching!

























The quilt shops in Berlin, Ohio were our next destination. Actually the search for fabric was what had instigated the trip.    We checked in at the charming Guggisberg Swiss Inn where the Robertson family members have stayed from time to time.   In fact, their daughter and great grandson had just been there last week-end  and I had been a visitor a couple years ago.   It is a lovely, quiet Inn where one can enjoy an evening sitting outdoors in the gazebo where the sound of horse's hoofs on the pavement is more common than the whirl of automobile traffic.


















After purchasing the fabric for our future clothing, Esther and Martha went to dinner at the Chalet in the Valley restaurant and were delighted with a Bavarian style dinner.





























One can not visit this area without commenting on the peaceful nature of the surroundings.   We passed corn field after corn field.   Our friends had never seen the Amish farmers working their fields and found their making of the haystacks quite interesting.   We Hittys were fascinated when we stopped to watch the goats climb up the ramp to the roof of a building.  It seems goats like to be on top of everything!























Our original plans were to just visit Ohio but after some thought it had been decided to add another day and visit the museum in Kentucky where the miniature wing was designed by the Robertson's son Bill. 






























We arrived in Maysville, KY late in the afternoon and had to wait until the next morning to go inside.   While we waited for the museum to open, we drove along a most interesting flood wall.   Ohio and Kentucky are separated by the Ohio river and the town of Maysville is subject to flooding.   Years ago a flood wall was built and over the years, various murals depicting historic scenes were painted.



























Ida Belle and Hitty Colleen were particularly interested in one of the largest.  The reflection of the riverboat on the water was their favorite part.





























We were the first ones to enter when the museum opened and it truly was a treat! Not only the beautiful rooms filled with exquisite miniatures but it was a treat to see some of Bill's pieces and Esther's needlework on display.   Other names were familiar to us also, as miniaturists and Hitty carvers are sometimes one and the same.
























After leaving the museum we had the longest drive of the trip but there was so much to talk about that the hours slipped by and before we knew it, we were back in Zelienople.   The following day we spent sorting out our purchases and retrieving pictures from cameras.  Saturday morning arrived too soon.   It was time to say good-bye and we hope it will be only a short time until we can get together again.














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