Chapter Twenty Three

We had a great day!  Esther told us that when there was a beautiful sunny warm Fall day we could go looking for a pumpkin to make a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween. So off we went to a pumpkin patch. There were bales of straw and even a scarecrow. HittyBelle and I looked at all the pumpkins and then chose two, a larger and a smaller one. We finally did decide on just the smaller one since it would be easier for us to handle. Even then it was big for us!





When we got home we placed it on the kitchen counter and Esther helped us cut the eyes, nose and mouth in it. She insisted we wear our pinafores so we didn't get our dresses messy. I didn't realize that making a Jack-O-Lantern could be so messy but it was so much fun! She spread newspaper on the counter and got out a big knife. Well, at least it seemed big to us. We watched as she cut a lid and then facial features. We wanted it to smile and not be too scary so that is how she made it. Esther explained that we would not light the candle until Trick or Treat night or perhaps earlier if we have visitors.







Esther showed us the web site that sells Halloween costumes on the computer and we both wanted to wear the witch costume. She tried to talk us into wearing different ones but we finally settled on both of us dressing as a witch but with different lining to the capes. There wasn't anything small enough for HittyPat but it really didn't matter since she got frightened just looking at the Jack-O-Lantern. I like being the size I am so I can enjoy more things! My thoughts keep returning to the original Hitty and wondering if she has ever enjoyed Halloween.







Esther ordered the costumes and we got so excited when they arrived. I could hardly wait to try mine on and HittyBelle acted the same way. She chose the one with the lining of witches hats and I chose the skeletons. HittyPat didn't get frightened but she did think we looked strange. We let her help us decorate the parlor with paper pumpkins, leaves and two black cats that came in the same box as our costumes. It was such fun.







On Halloween we dressed in our costumes and waited for the children to arrive for Trick or Treat night. About 100 children came and they were wearing all different kinds of costumes. Some were so scary!   Since we Hittys are dolls and not real children that actually can eat the candy we only went out for a short time. Esther wanted us to see how people decorate the outside of their houses. Our little Jack-0-Lantern seemed so small in comparison to the huge pumpkins.



I really do like holidays and am looking forward to the coming season when there are several. I understand we are going to the Philadelphia miniature show again and then there will be Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Esther was telling us about a quaint little town north of here where there is a miniature shop that has things we will like. She plans to take us there to do some Christmas shopping early in December before the weather turns too cold. That should be an interesting experience.


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