Chapter Twenty Four


We have just had a wonderful time attending the Philadelphia Miniature Show and visiting with our friends. We had no problems with the airport security for which I was thankful. I should be getting used to it by now but it is still a bit unsettling.



We traveled to the show on Friday and spent the day getting settled. Esther told us she had seen some stuffed animals we would like when she attended the Preview and so on Saturday morning she took HittyBelle and me into the show room so we could choose the ones we wanted at the dealer called "A Grand Scale."  We finally chose two after admiring all of them. HittyBelle wanted the giraffe and immediately said she was going to name it Geoffrey like the one in the Toys R Us commercial. I chose the lion. It was so difficult to leave the rest of them but it just wasn't possible to buy them all!





We took our purchases upstairs and showed them to our friends who had come to our room to play. Hitty Elizabeth brought the book she was reading and our friend from Kansas City brought her stuffed cat. Her little sister and HittyPat both wanted to play with the lion and feel its soft mink fur. HittyPat was so happy to visit with another Hitty her size!  She sometimes feels left out of our activities because she is so small. Hitty Nanette was there also but I am not sure she was interested in the stuffed animals.






Esther told us that after lunch we would have a Hitty get-together and get to meet a new Hitty family. We were excited and when the lady arrived we were pleased to meet all the Hittys. If I remember correctly the oldest was named Hitty Priscilla. She introduced us to her sisters Jo, Mia, Paula and Ann and I know there was a little sister but I don't remember her name. About the same time our friend Freckles arrived and joined the group. Esther wanted us to all sit together so she could take a picture. We were happy to accommodate her. Hittys love to pose for pictures!



Several people that didn't  have Hittys came to visit and they also took our picture. HittyPat's  godmother Pat visited and brought her a tiny pink piggy bank so she could save her money. I don't know if Hittys really get much money but they must get some since the next day Esther bought a bigger one for HittyBelle and me to use.



Esther had made sleeping bags for when we traveled and we wanted to have a sleep over. Hitty Nanette had brought her own and Hitty Priscilla had her night gown and cap with her. We didn't get much sleep with all the activity in the room but it was fun just sitting and listening to the adults talk.





We are home now and after a bit of rest we put all the things that were purchased in their proper place. In addition to our stuffed animals and piggy banks, Esther bought us a tiny Dickens Village to put on our parlor mantel at Christmas time. I remember the one on the living room mantel last year and this one is very similar. I know she bought some things for Christmas presents but for those, we must wait.


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