Chapter Twenty Five


On a beautiful warm day just before Thanksgiving,  Esther said it was like Indian Summer and we didn't need to wear our coats, we took a ride north of Zelienople to a quaint little town called Volant. The town has many craft stores and an old mill. HittyBelle and I were fascinated with the huge water wheel that was turning round and round. The stream that went under the building turned the wheel. A long time ago the wheel was connected to two large grinding stones to grind corn, wheat and oats that was made into flour but now the building is used as a market for hand crafted items.








We were curious about the buggy that was parked near the mill. Esther explained that a lot of Amish people live close to Volant and use the buggies for transportation instead of cars. We could not find any of the horses that were hitched to these buggies. We were disappointed.


Our main reason for coming here was to do some Christmas shopping at the Volant Miniature store. We had never been to such a store and were completely overwhelmed! There was everything imaginable in just two rooms. We wanted to see it all.






We first went to a display case that had all kinds of little Christmas items. There were tiny candles, stockings and hats, tiny angels and so many things I can't remember.











We wanted to see all sides of this case so we wouldn't miss anything. HittyBelle wanted to reach right through the glass but that wasn't possible. I particularly liked the tiny snowmen and the decorated candles.







HittyBelle saw this wonderful Victorian dollhouse and went over to get a closer look. She is always so curious about what is inside of everything. She tried to open the door but was finally content just to stand on the porch. It really was lovely and I hope some real life little girl receives it for Christmas.








I too, wandered around the store and was fascinated with a room display containing a doll. It was so lovely and most of the things were in pink which is one of my favorite colors. Sometimes I wish our bedroom was decorated with more frilly items. Another of the room displays that I liked was the one with a bride. I think every little girl and even we dolls like to see beautiful brides. I remember the part of the Hitty book when she was dressed as a bride for an exhibition. I know she just loved being dressed in such finery. Maybe someday I will get to dress as a bride.








Esther reminded us that there were more Christmas items to look at so we both moved on to the display of trees and a counter full of figurines. We liked the angel and also the little old fashion Santa Claus. We really couldn't  decide which one we liked the best. It is so hard to make decisions sometimes so I think we will just have to think about it a bit more. Also, one really has to know where you are going to use an item before you make a purchase. Esther made her purchases but again we must wait until Christmas to find out what she bought.







Anita, the proprietor of the shop, was so kind to us and said we would be welcome to come back again. I am sure we will. We left the shop in such a cheery mood. When we got back outside the sun was still shining and it had even gotten warmer. Neither of us wanted to leave. Since it was such a beautiful day Russell took the long way so we had a scenic ride home. A very pleasant experience!




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