Chapter Twenty Six


When we began getting ready for Christmas Esther told us we were going to decorate our parlor. After she placed the tree and got out boxes of ornaments she told us that she would appreciate our help. HittyBelle got so excited, she remembered helping to decorate the Christmas tree with Hitty Dallas last year before she came to live with us. I too remembered last year and how different getting ready for Christmas was this year.  Last year I was the only Hitty in this house and I spent my time watching Esther prepare for the holiday. Now I have two sisters and we have a parlor of our own to decorate. I feel very fortunate.




Our diminutive height presented a problem so to reach all the places we wanted to place things Esther let us use the ladder that was in one of the miniature rooms. She told HittyBelle to be very careful as she leaned it against the tree. I moved the bench from our desk over to the mantel and placed the little Dickens-type ceramic houses using cotton to make it look like snow just as Esther does upstairs. I also hung the needlepoint stockings that she had made for each of us. This was HittyPat's first Christmas so we let her hang the candy canes near the bottom of the tree.



The decorating took quite a bit of time and when we were finished Esther said we could have a reward for all our hard work. Across the street from our home is a beautiful lighted Christmas display. There are several little houses with animated figures and a Santa Claus shop with a list of all the names of the children in the neighborhood. There are snowmen, a sleigh and many stars. It had snowed and was quite cold so we put on our warm capes and off we went. HittyPat was too tired so she didn't  go along. I am sorry she missed it because it was fascinating!   Perhaps she will get to see it later.





One day a package arrived. It was Esther's  Secret Santa gift but it really was for us. We were delighted to receive a tea set and a table to go with it. Immediately she set it up in our parlor and we enjoyed tea as very proper Hittys. HittyPat reached for the cloth doll in the package and just wanted to sit and hug it instead of joining us for tea.







There was so much activity this time of year I could hardly keep up. It seems we just finished one thing and then moved on to another. Before the family arrived Esther took us upstairs so we could be part of the celebration. The first thing we did was see the wonderful little N Scale train she had bought for us. We didn't have space for it under the tree in our parlor so she put it under the tree on the sideboard. HittyPat just knew that the open car was big enough for some of her toys. She put two of her teddy bears in it along with her tiny doll and puppy. I was afraid she would get too close once it started going around the track but she was careful. She wanted Esther to keep running it because she insisted her doll and bears were enjoying the ride!



One of the Robertsons' traditions is to attend the ancient and traditional service of Christmas music called the Boar's Head Festival and Yule Log Ceremony with their friends Harriett and Byron. This Festival was presented as early as 1340 in England and brought to America in colonial times. A highly refined version is presented each year here in Zelienople. This year Esther took me along but, of course I had to stay in her bag. I could hear the music and only imagine the beautiful costumes. When it was announced that the Beefeaters were to enter I could feel them stomping on the floor. I do wish my little bag had a window!   I just know the whole thing was wonderful but I suppose I should be happy that at least I could enjoy the music.




At last it was actually Christmas Day!   We dressed in our new robes and opened our gifts. Oh what fun!   HittyPat loved the little Paddington Bear. Among the gifts was a little yellow car just HittyPat's  size, games, books, new dresses and a violin. I am not sure just which one of us is to learn to play it. Perhaps both? I am also not sure if Santa Claus brought all those gifts. I suspect he had help.





Later in the day Esther brought us back upstairs so we would be able to see what was happening with the family. They had the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings which of course is of little interest to Hittys. All in all it has been a wonderful several weeks. New Years Eve is next and I heard them say their niece and her husband would be joining them to cheer for their friend's football team. My Hitty sisters and I will be content to just rest and wait for further adventures in the coming year.

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