Chapter Twenty Seven


We are so sad. Our little sister HittyPat has had an accident and broken her arm. She didn't even cry! Esther put her arm in a sling to make her more comfortable and now she must go to Judy Brown's Infirmary in Virginia to have it made well again. I really don't know how long she will be gone and we will miss her. She is such a delicate little thing and we all really must be more careful with her.








HittyPat had a difficult time saying good-bye to all her Christmas toys but I assured her that all of them would be well taken care of in her absence. HittyBelle and I really must concentrate on learning to play the violin and reading some of the books we received so we won't have time to be playing with her toys



We have put our rooms back in order and all our Christmas decorations have been stored away. I have been writing my thank you notes and decided to write this chapter even though it is short since I felt there should be an entry to my journal about HittyPat's accident.










We are delighted to have our little sister back home! She came home with tales of how sweetly Dallas rocked her to sleep the night before her surgery and how gentle Judy was in the repairs. She told us she got to play in the nursery for her recuperation. 













It almost made me think she had a good time while we at home were missing her terribly. We just wanted to hug her!




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