Chapter Twenty Eight


I donít know where to begin!    We received a big package in the mail and when Esther opened it there was the most wonderful play kitchen I could ever imagine! Her daughter Carol had gotten it for us!  As you know, Hittys don't really need food but like any little girls they love to play at keeping house. Esther told us that she had a little real electric stove when she was a little girl and enjoyed making toast on it. Her friend Harriett had had one too.  Esther and I both are so sorry that neither one had saved it.


As soon as Esther unpacked it we quickly put on our aprons and started to play. The kitchen has many wonderful pieces to it and she let us borrow some things from her miniature rooms. HittyBelle got  a recipe out of the box and made some muffins. I tried to keep things tidy by washing the dishes as we went. We had so much fun and could imagine all kind of things to make. At times like these I often think of the original Hitty and wonder did she have any toys to entertain her. I donít recall the mention of any toys in the book.





We borrowed a basket of vegetables from the miniatures and I pretended to wash them and put them in the refrigerator just as I have seen Esther do in the kitchen upstairs. I felt so grown up.








We had received this lovely tea set at Christmas time so we decided to have a tea party like we did before but this time make a dessert also. We used the big black tea kettle to boil water and then made a pie. HittyBelle was very careful just as if it were real boiling water. We tried our best to imitate the actions of real live people and I must say, we did quite well. Having all the equipment the perfect scale for us truly made it easy.







HittyBelle opened all the doors and drawers that would open looking for silverware but didn't find any. I asked Esther to please get some and also napkins so we will be able to set a proper table. We did, however, find a knife to cut the pie. It looked so perfect that I really did not want to cut into it.






We spent the entire afternoon playing with our new kitchen and discovering all kind of pieces. Esther had to explain the use of some of the utensils but I did pride myself on knowing quite a few of them. As little wooden dolls we both appear to be quite knowledgeable. We both feel so fortunate to have such interesting lives. Last year I thought I wanted to remain the only Hitty in this house but I do find having sister Hittys is much more interesting and especially at times like this it is delightful to have another Hitty to share the fun.


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