Chapter Thirty Four



As I mentioned in the last chapter Esther was going into the hospital for knee replacement surgery. She tried to explain it to us but since Hittys don't have knees it was a bit difficult to understand but we tried. She told us Russell would bring us to visit sometime.


Several days after the surgery Russell and Carol put us into our travel bag and off we went. Little HittyPat was just too little to go along. It wasn't  a long ride like some of the other trips we have taken and we soon arrived at UPMC Passavant Hospital in the northern part of Pittsburgh. Esther was so glad to see us! Carol said we were the best therapy her mother could have!




We just couldn't believe it was Esther!   Hospital gowns and no make-up don't make a person very attractive! The first thing we did was to verify that it really was her by checking all the arm bands. Hospitals use a lot of identification bracelets to make sure they give the correct treatment to the patient.











Having never been to a hospital before we were curious about everything. There were so many gadgets. One set of buttons on the side of her bed made the bed go up and down and another set was to call the nurse. We got to push the bed buttons but Esther said she really didn't want us to touch the nurse button. That was to be used only if she needed help.








She was in an orthopedic bed and above the bed were several appliances to help the patient sit up etc. We saw the one in the shape of a triangle and thought it would be fun too swing on it!   It really wasn't my idea but I did join in since it looked like fun. I don't remember whether it was Carol or Russell who took our picture but I know when I saw it I was glad our undergarments were clean and in place!








The visit was going along smoothly until Hitty Carol decided to get adventurous!  She climbed up on top of the machine dispensing medication. She said it gave her a wonderful view of the room, however, HittyBelle and I thought it more appropriate to just visit with Esther.














Hospital rooms are not the cheeriest places so we had Carol help us bring a bouquet of flowers. Esther really liked them and had Carol place them where she could see them all the time.








We didn't stay long as long visits tire the patient. We told Esther we were looking forward to her coming home and indeed a week later she did come home. Her days are filled with exercises and rest but we are hoping she will be totally healed and able to get back to playing with us very soon.





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