Chapter Thirty Five


We have been enjoying our summer even though there has been more than the normal amount of rain. There were finally several days of sunshine so HittyBelle and Hitty Carol went out to help in the flower garden. I insisted they wear sun hats because the sun was unusually bright. The Hittys helped put mulch around the flowers.







It was such a beautiful afternoon so I took HittyPat outside to play and she wanted to ride our tricycle. I told her she was just too little but she still climbed up on the seat. I stood near by in hopes of catching her if she fell. She is as much an adventurous Hitty as HittyBelle and Hitty Carol. Being the oldest I feel it is my responsibility to keep her out of danger and sometimes this is not an easy task









Since the weather was so lovely, I wanted Esther to take us all for a walk. When my sisters finished working in the garden, however, they said they were too tired and climbed up on the wall to rest. Esther was pleased that they had been careful and not gotten their clothes dirty.









After a long and pleasant afternoon outdoors we did have to hurry inside as Hitty Carol has joined a local Hitty scout troop and it was getting close to time for her to leave for the meeting. She quickly changed into her new uniform and HittyBelle and I made sure she had everything in place. She said she was going to work on the cooking badge as her first badge. HittyBelle thought perhaps she could be of some help and prepared to go into the kitchen and try some of our recipes. I suppose though Hitty Carol will come home and want to cook what the troop leader recommends.




This is a rather short chapter in my journal but we haven't been doing any traveling while Esther is recuperating which is coming along very well. We all are looking forward to getting out more and of course, going to the Hitty Reunion in Williamsburg in October.

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