Chapter Thirty Six


Horse Trading Days? We kept hearing those words for days. For the past forty plus years in Zelienople the town has had a festival in July that lasts three days and it is called Horse Trading Days. Esther said we could go but we would have to go early so as not to interfere with the crowds of people that attend. She said that for three days people from all around Southwestern Pennsylvania visit Zelienople just for the event. The merchants set up tables of merchandise outside their stores and the four corners of the park are full of tents and stands with vendors of all sorts.



We were so excited and wanted to see as much as we could but being dolls I knew we couldn't see it all. There was a corner where they sell the tickets for the car they raffle off each year to benefit the fire department. This same corner has a lovely section with beautiful flowers surrounding the memorial for the men who died in various wars.






While we were still in the park area we wanted to see some of the art. Local artists were selling their paintings and all kinds of crafts. We didn't stay too long at these booths but enjoyed a few of the paintings. We were delighted that the weather was so beautiful and no one had to worry about their wares getting wet in a shower. HittyBelle spotted a wood carver and said we must go see what he was carving.





There were many people showing not only their crafts but how they were made. We were particularly interested in the wood carver with a large piece of wood on his lap and holding a carving knife. I inquired as to what kind of wood and just exactly what was he going to make. I thought perhaps he would be interested in seeing a wood doll and try to make one but he was carving handles for something or other. I found it useless to try to explain that my sisters and I were truly interested in wood carving and so I just threw up my hands and left.




Looking down Main Street we spied a big red wagon similar to circus wagons and went to see exactly what was in it. We were hoping there would be a tiger or a lion! It turned out that the people operating it were selling Karmel Korn!  We Hittys weren't interested in buying any but we did like their wagon. We tried not to be disappointed that there were no animals







The crowds of people were just beginning to come into town so Esther said she wanted us to see the lion water fountain before it got crowded with thirsty people. She told us there were two such fountains in Zelienople donated by The Lions Club organization. We found it quite interesting and certainly appropriate.





As I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter that this affair was called "Horse Trading Days."   It must be a term that was used long before this all started 40 years ago because even then the town folks were not using horses as a means of transportation. We saw no one trading horses so I think the term must mean just bargaining for items. We kept asking were there any horses at all!  Esther said there were some small ponies that children could ride. We asked to see at least one of them. She took us behind some trailers parked near the park and there was a real live pony! This was the first such animal any of us had ever seen!




It soon was time to leave Main Street and go home. We learned that there would be a different rock band playing on each of the three nights but Esther and Russell are not fans of rock music so I know we won't get to go!  That is fine with my sisters and me. We enjoyed our outing and hope there may be other events we can attend.  Little towns are such interesting places.


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