Chapter Seventy Nine



It is just before St. Patrick's Day and there is music to be heard all around.  Russell has been practicing Irish tunes on the piano for his program at a local nursing home and we Hittys have even been known to tap our feet.  It seems we were heard across the room and wee small voices called to us saying they had an accordion and would gladly play some music and even teach us some dances!








We rushed over to the Bavarian Room where Gretchen and Gunther were already playing both Irish and German tunes.  Gunther played the accordion while Gretchen tried to explain the various steps to us.  I must admit we are not the greatest dancers as we are lacking knee joints but nevertheless, it was great fun!















They explained to us that back where they came from people of all ages enjoyed doing the Chicken Dance.  It sounded a bit strange but especially interesting when Gretchen produced her chicken hat!  HittyPat and Hitty Penny were eager to try it.  I can't  say they were the most coordinated in their movements and had trouble keeping up with what they were to do but again, having fun was most important.   Tasha watched and tried to join in from time to time but she isn't  the greatest at dancing  either.

















We had watched a TV program with Esther called The River Dancers and we wanted to try it.   Gunther explained that the very fast tap dancing movements we had seen would be too difficult for Hittys or even most dolls for that matter.  But we were determined to try.  We lined up with our arms tight to our sides but it was hard to even keep our balance, not alone do any dancing. Hitty Carol removed her pinafore in order to get her arms tighter to her side but that still did not help.   At last Gunther  suggested we try much slower smoother dancing and turned the accordion over to Gretchen so he could demonstrate













When we first went over to the Bavarian Room to dance, Hitty Amelia was very shy and wouldn't join us.  After watching she finally decided to give dancing a try but insisted she could do better if dressed in the proper outfit.  Seeing she had gone to such effort, Gunther chose her as his partner in showing us the various steps.  These steps were definitely more suitable to our physical constraints.






A most enjoyable afternoon was had by all.   Gretchen and Gunther are lovely hosts and I am delighted they have come to live here too.  We Hittys were left smiling as the afternoon visit came to a close.   We are looking forward to tomorrow when Hitty Club meets again and I know the theme will be to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I think trying to do the Irish Jig better remain just a thought for Hittys!



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