The Robertson Hittys now live in two rooms placed in a bookcase in the display room that houses Esther Robertson's miniature collection. The rooms are in 1 1/12 inch scale and measure 26" long by 14"  deep by13" high. The floors are cherry laid in a random width pattern. The lighting is from a 10 volt, variable-control system and uses DC power to avoid any flicker in picture taking.

The parlor has linen colored paneled walls with a brown beamed ceiling. The design for the room was taken from the description of the Preble parlor in the Hitty book.


On the left HittyBelle sits on a bench by Bill Fifer. In the corner cupboard are china dogs, rabbits and a lamb. A pine tree can be viewed through the window and below it is a miniature of a 1744 VanCourtland dollhouse by Ivan Lawson. The photo on the right is of Hitty Robertson sitting in a Windsor rocking chair by Pierre Wallack. Above the desk by Bill Fifer hangs a miniature of the Hitty sampler and there are several leather books on the stool. The corner cupboard is home to the china cat collection.


Centered above the fireplace is a small preserve cupboard with a "P" carved in the door. Several pieces of pottery by Jane Graber rest on the mantel. Little HittyPat with her tiny doll by Lucy Coles sits on a wool braided rug by Esther Robertson.




The walls in the bedroom are sponge painted with olive colored wainscot below. The tester bed and quilt rack were made by Bill Fifer. Esther Robertson made the braided wool rug. On the right side of the room is a clothes alcove. In the little Pilgrim cradle by Alan Thede are teddy bears and two small dolls by Judy Brown and Arlyn Coad sit beside it. The picture on the wall is of the original Hitty.

These rooms were made by Esther Robertson and wired by Russell Robertson. Please check this site for future additions.


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