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Service Line Warranty Comparison Guide (Posted 12-19-18)
January 2016 Association Dues Increase (Posted 1-4-16)
Lamp & Mailbox Posts - Second Notice (Posted 7-21-15)
Please Help Prevent Water Waste! (Posted 3-28-15)

Redistricting Letter From Jim Marshall (Posted 2-18-14)
Pennsylvania One Call (Posted 10-9-13)
Pennsylvania Yellow Dot Program (Posted 9-27-13)
Rock Lake T-shirts & Sweatshirts
(Posted 9-27-13)
Clubhouse Rentals
(Posted 9-27-13)
Lamp & Mailbox Posts Notice (Posted 9-27-13)
Foul Odor From Your Water? (Posted 3-19-13)
Rock Lake Public Sewerage Presentation (Posted 3-15-12)
CallingPost Voice Broadcasting Service (Posted 2-22-11)
Speed Warning Traffic Cones (Posted 10-18-10)
Clubhouse Cleaning (Posted 7-28-10)
Rock Lake Speed Limit (Posted 7-21-10)
Burning Trash Advisory (Posted 3-29-10)
Street Parking Advisory (Posted 10-26-09)
Illegal Dumping Complaint (Posted 10-21-09)