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Lionel, Plasticville, Marx, American Flyer



This site is intended as a Model Railroad BILLBOARD EXCHANGE!
This site will only become valuable if you send me YOUR Billboards (Lionel, Flyer, Marx, Plasticville).

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  This site is not intended as a "historical" site.  I have not included any information as to
manufacturer or year of sale.  This is beyond the scope of what I am presenting.  However, if someone wants to
step forward with factual information, I will gladly add a comment line with each Billboard.

Scan in your Billboards and send them to

Billboards available:   Lionel:                  241
American Flyer        8
K-Line                    29
Marx                      9
Plasticville             24

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Created: 12 February 2008
Updated: Jan 2017