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This website is dedicated to the lowly model railroad billboard.   Although primarily intended for the Lionel 310 billboards, I will add others as I find them (Flyer, Marx, etc).

The intent of this site is to provide high resolution images of original billboards to print and use on our layouts.  I have started the site with 18 billboards that I have in my possession, and would like to add all of them to this site. Below each thumbnail image is a link for a high resolution image that you can download and print if you like.

If you would like to submit a billboard that you have, please scan it and save it as a JPEG file, and email it to me at   I will then "clean it up" and post it here. If you wish to be acknowledged as the submitter, tell me so in the email, otherwise I will not include your last name.

Select a page to view billboard designs - Click on an image for a full sized view and to print

SUBMITTING:     PLEASE SUBMIT COPIES OF YOUR BILLBOARDS!!!      Simply scan your billboard image on your  scanner, save it as a JPEG image, and email it to me at

DOWNLOADING:   (Internet Explorer) Point to the High Resolution link below the Thumbnail image or point at the image, and click.  This opens a new page!

If you are viewing the high resolution image, right click on the image and select "Save Image As". This saves the image to your computer.  To print, see below.

Note that these are larger files and take a while to download. 

PRINTING:   DO NOT print directly from the webpage!   Click on the thumbnail images for a full scale image opening in a new page!.....  Then right click on the full scale image to "save picture as" to your computer!

Download the file into your computer and print from there full scale.
I would recommend printing on a high quality photo paper, set to "best" quality.  The image is sized 100%. If you want to print on regular paper, print the image then attach to a cardboard backing.  

Comments:   I welcome any comments to improve the quality of these billboards.  Just email me at the above address.