Descendants of Samuel FERGUSON

First Generation

1.	Samuel FERGUSON was born 3 Mar 1744. He died 12 Feb 1825 in Cabell Co., Virginia.
Ref- "Early Adventures on The Western Waters"
       by Mary B. Kegley
      Revolutionary War Soldier ref Kozee's book.
McAllister JT "VA Militia in the Rev War P217 (Montgomery Co.) Ferguson,
Samuel/En 5 Apr 1781 under J. Moore.
Samuel married (1) Mary JAMESON. Mary was born 21 Mar 1746. She died 21 Sep 1827 in Cabell Co., Virginia.
Elevlyn Booth Massie "Ferguson Family Geneological History of Wayne Co. WV"
from TS Smith PO Box 103 South Point Ohio 45680

Samuel and Mary had the following children:
	+	2	F	i.	Jane FERGUSON.
		3	M	ii.	John FERGUSON was born about 1766.
		4	M	iii.	Samuel FERGUSON was born about 1773.
		5	F	iv.	Isabel FERGUSON was born about 1776.
		6	M	v.	William FERGUSON was born 22 Sep 1777.
		7	F	vi.	Sarah FERGUSON was born about 1779.
		8	F	vii.	Elizabeth FERGUSON was born about 1781.
		9	M	viii.	Thomas FERGUSON was born 2 Sep 1784.

Second Generation

Jane married (1) William CLARK on 30 Jan 1788 in Montgomery Co., Virginia.
Ref- Kozee's book.  William sold Levi Van Hoose land for $1
     and the love he has shown as son-in-law in Cabell Co. Va.
     William was described by Kozee as having Revolutionary
     war service.

William and Jane had the following children:
		10	F	i.	Sarah Elizabeth CLARK died 1828 in 
Cabell Co., Virginia and was buried in Cabell Co., Virginia.
Sarah married (1) Levi VAN HOOSE, son of John VAN HOOSE Colonel and Mary BRYAN 
on 1815 in Cabell Co., Virginia. Levi was born 22 Mar 1795 in Montgomery Co., 
North Carolina. He died 1857 in Lori Pelphrey Fl, Johnson, Kentucky.
Levi was buried on the Lori Pelphrey Flats, and when the Paintsville Dam was
built he was moved to the new Johnson County Cemetery.  We have recently place
a tombstone on his grave, lot 17 space 22.  Levi owned land in Cabell Co. Va.
deeded by his father-in-law William Clark "for one dollar and the love he bore
him as father-in-law".  After the death of his wife, Sarah, in 1828 he took
his younger children John, William, and Elizabeth to Kentucky to live with his 
brother Valentine.  Ref-Parson's and Kozee's books 1850 census.
       "On one occasion, I remember we visited a turkey pen at the lower end
of our 'old field' on Jennie's Creek, a mile from the house, and found a
wild turkey caught in the pen!  I was much excited over this and wanted to crawl
into the turkey trap through the trench leading in, but Father would not
let me, as he said the turkey would hurt me with its wings.
so father went
in himself and broke its neck and we took it and went our way, the turkey being 
added to Father's burden."
       "A few years prior to this event, some wild bears invaded this same
field and made havoc among the foasting ears growing therein.
They would visit
at night and keot hidden in daylight.  Several attempts were made to start them
with dogs, but it so happened that they did not come on those nights when
the hunters were looking for them.  They were cunning bears and not easily taken in.
     After ceasing to search for them, Old Uncle Levi Van Hoose was looking for
squirrels one day not far from this same field and probably waiting for night
th come so as to slip into the corn again.  He fired on them with a squirrel
shot and killed one of Mrs. B's children, whereupon she emigrated and was
never heard of in these parts afterwards.  So we had good bear meat to eat, in 
compensation for the stolen roasting ears."


	Name	ID	Generation
	CLARK, Sarah Elizabeth	10	3
	CLARK, William	2S	2
	FERGUSON, Elizabeth	8	2
	FERGUSON, Isabel	5	2
	FERGUSON, Jane	2	2
	FERGUSON, John	3	2
	FERGUSON, Samuel	1	1
	FERGUSON, Samuel	4	2
	FERGUSON, Sarah	7	2
	FERGUSON, Thomas	9	2
	FERGUSON, William	6	2
	JAMESON, Mary	1S	1
	VAN HOOSE, Levi	10S	3