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Scribal Arts Articles

Sample scroll wordings from the AEthelmearc scribal standards handbook
Scroll wordings inspired by medieval texts
Scroll Wordings based on Period Sources
Class handout in Word format.
Includes tips on how to adapt period documents, sources and examples
Mix & Match AoA wordings
based on a Hungarian Patent of Arms (1587)
Improving Through Critique
Badges of the Orders of AEthelmearc
Inter Kingdom Scroll Standards
More places to find information for scrolls
How to Slake Plaster ... and Why?
Gesso Recipe
Tooling or Stamping Designs On top of Gold
How to Make Shell Gold
Introduction to Making Period Style Paints
Calligraphy Links
Blank layouts (pdf files)
Anyone may use these for practice.
If you use them for award scrolls, please put my name & kingdom on the back
(layout by Maitresse Yvianne de Castel d'Avignon, AEthelmearc)
Heraldic AoA
Early Gothic
Bar & Ivy
Blank cards to paint (2 on a sheet)

Service articles

Non-traditional Service
Largesse: The Nexus of Art and Service

Other articles

Introduction to A&S Competitions
Heraldic Display: The 8 foot "Standard" style banner
Embroidered Velvet Garters
Or Nue Coronet for Duchess Rowan's Laurel cloak
Drafting a Pattern for a Sideless Surcote
Cross Stitch Patterns for AEthelmearc Award Medalions
A Viewer's Guide to Crown Tourney
Chronicles of the Rose Royal Tournaments
Consort Arts web page

Yvianne's scrolls

Some of the sites I use are blocking links to images.
I'm in the process of moving everything to this site....in the meantime
Please drop me a note if you encounter any problems and I'll add the direct URL under the link.

Georg Eisenfaust's Alce
County Scroll (book) for Morguhn & Meirwen
3 Scrolls Based on Medieval Grants & Patents
Calvert's Pelican added Dec. 2012
Maynard's County Scroll
Malcolm MacEoghainn's Fleur Scroll
Cori Ghora's Court Baronacy
Kaithren Rowand's AoA
Vladisla Nikulich's Alce
Alaric's Jewel Scroll
Grey Beard Tourney Scroll (Italian Renaissance Style)
Katla Ulfhedinn's Fleur d'AEthelmearc
Duchess Rowan's Laurel

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