SCA resume for Yvianne de Castel d'Avignon

(formerly known as Eibhlin ni Chaoimh)
Currently residing in the Shire of Sunderoak, Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Persona webpage:


Laurel ... with Arms by Letters Patent 05/19/01 calligraphy, illumination, making of period scribal materials
Fleur d'AEthelmearc... with Grant of Arms 06/20/98 calligraphy & illumination
Court Baroness05/19/17 Taking research of medieval tournaments to the next level
- Providing gracious hospitality to all in battlefield galleries
- Helps others understand and enjoy tournaments
- Promotes and provides pageantry
Millrind05/19/12 service as Sylvan Signet, herald, webminister & scribe
as well as working with the youth fighting and consort communities
Sycamore 11/11/95 illumination
Keystone 06/12/99 service to the kingdom as a scribe
Award of Arms 11/11/95 illumination and service to shire
Cornelian 05/11/02 courtesy & grace under pressure as Signet
Sigil of AEthelmearc 09/09/06 Service to Kingdom leading up to and at Pennsic
Award of Excellence03/22/14 Inspiration, service and support of Consorts.
Comet Argent 05/20/00 BMDL - Arts
Comet Or 08/10/02BMDL - Service



A brief outline of my major endeavors - see below for expanded list

Scribe 23+ years, over 175 scrolls (1995-present)
Webminister for various official SCA websites - 15 years
   Nominee for William Blackfox Award (Society webminister recognition) 4 times
   Recipient of Sylvan Strand Award (AEthelmearc webminister recognition) 3 times
Officer within the AEthelmearc Signet - 10 years
Officer within the Shire of Sunderoak - 10 years
   Recipient of Sylvan Quill Award (AEthelmearc Chronicler recognition) 2 times
Teacher of numerous subjects 20+ years (1998-present)

View the list of what I've taught recently classes & activities I have on my schedule

Activities for tournament spectators/consorts 11+ years (2009-present)
Author of over 20 published articles including
   Compleat Anachronist(#166, 2014), "The Art of Being A Consort"
   Known World Handbook(2010) "A Viewer's Guide to Crown Tourney"
   Tournaments Illuminated(136, Autumn 1999) "The Evolution of Books of Hours"
   AEthelmearc Scribal Standards Handbook aka-The Redbook (2000 & 2004)
   Midrealm Scribal Standards Handbook (2017)

Current offices/activities marked **


AE Kingdom Signet (Nov 2000 - Nov 2002)
     (Education Deputy) Feb 2013 - Jan 2017
        (Backlog Deputy) Nov 2002- June 2004
        (Emergency Deputy) Oct 1998- Nov 2000

AE Kingdom Largesse Coordinator, Sept 2009 - March 2014

Kingdom of AE Chancellor Minor (Emergency Deputy)1995-1996

     -AEthelmearc Youth Marshal Academy Jan 2004- March 2014
     -Shire of Sunderoak, Dec 2005 - February 2013
     -AEthelmearc College of Scribes, 1999-2006

Herald (Shire of Sunderoak, Oct 2006 - Oct 2010)
     **Herald at Large, Oct 2010- present

Chronicler (Shire of Sunderoak 1995-1997)

Other service

**Scribe since 1995
         created over 175 scrolls for AEthelmearc and the East Kingdom

**AE Leads, May 2019 - present

Consort Gallery coordinator
        AE War Practice 2012-2019
        Bears Event (Shire of Stormsport, March 2010, 2013)
        Gold Chain (Shire of Sunderoak,June 5, 2010)
        Gold Chain (Blackwater, Oct 2010)

Populace Gallery coordinator
        Northern Oaken War Maneuvers (Midrealm) June 2016

Equestrian Gallery coordinator
        AE Equestrian Championship (Shire of Sunderoak - June 2014)
        Saxon Summer XIII (Midrealm- Shire of Rivenvale) Oct 7, 2013

Consort Roundtable moderator
        Tournaments Through the Ages (Shire of Stormsport,2009)
        AE War Practice 2010-2018

** SCA_Consorts discussion list, founder (2009) & moderator 2009-present
** Consort Arts Webpage

Class Coordinator
        AE Heralds & Scribes, October 2016(Coppertree)
        AE Heralds & Scribes, November 2014 (BMDL)

Compleat Anachronist Reviewer
        #155 April 2012 "Because I Am A Fisher"
        #153 Oct 2011 "Painted Flags of the Late Middle Ages"

Ice Dragon Pentathlon, A&S competition
        Judge - numerous years
        Competition coordinator - 2011
        Emergency Pent coordinator & staff - 2012

        Author of the quality definitions used in the AE rubric project
        Author of the rubric for illumination

Blackstone Raid Triathlon, A&S competition
        judge-numerous years since 1995

Editor - AEstel A&S issue, 1997?

Youth Combat Marshal (2003 - 2008)

Pennsic Staff
        Artisans' Row Coordinator for "Tournaments: A Festival for All" - Pennsic 44, 2015
        Disability services coordinator - Pennsic 29
        Known World A&S (all day staff) Pennsic 24
        Known World A&S (Emergency Deputy) Pennsic 25

Laurel Prize Tourney
        Coordinator - Pennsic 2006
        support staff -Pennsic 2007

        Co-autocrat - Fighter's Collegium, Sunderoak (April 17, 1999)
        Co-autocrat - AEthelmearc 10 Year Celebration (June 14-17, 2007)
        Autocrat & original concept -Fireside Feast(September 2-4, 2011)
        Autocrat (as emergency deputy) Gold Chain (June 5, 2010)

Service at events
        Pennsic 48 (2019) 8 hours (in addition to teaching 10 classes)
                AEthelmearc Royal Hospitality - 4 hrs
                Newcomers' Point - 4 hrs
        Pennsic 47 (2018) 20 hours total
                AEthelmearc Royal Hospitality - 4 hrs
                Lost & Found - 4 hrs
                AE scribal track @ Pennsic:scribal playtime - 10 hrs
                Greybeard Tourney (MoL assist) - 2 hours
        Gulf Wars (2017) 27 hours total
                 Scribes' tent - 23 hours
                Information Point - 4 hours
        Pennsic 45 (2016) 22 hours total
                AEthelmearc Royal Hospitality - 18 hrs
                AE scribal track @ Pennsic:scribal playtime - 4 hrs

Classes taught (partial list)

A Time and a Place: Non-Traditional Service ... PDF handout
        AEthelmearc Academy, June 15, 2019
        Twice at Pennsic 48 (2019)

Largesse: The Nexus of Art and Service
        AEthelmearc Academy Nov 2, 2019

Whitework and Cameo
        Pennsic 45(2016) & Pennsic 48 (2019)

Painting Italian Renaissance Pearls and Gems
        Pennsic 45, August 2016, Sunderoak

Gothic Hybrid Drolleries and Grotesques
        Bears Event, March 2009, Stormsport
        Heralds & Scribes, April 2012, Blackwater
        Pennsic 45, August 2016, Sunderoak
        Pennsic 48 (twice), August 2019, Sunderoak
         Handout often used by other teachers
Aug 2018 Permission granted to Mistress Alicia Langland to use flip book & handout in her classes without further permission

Medieval Tournaments - Pennsic Artisan's Row 2015
    Coordinator and presenter

How to Watch a Tournament
        Bears Event - Shire of Stormsport, March 2013

The Tournament as a Spectator Sport
        Pennsic 48, August 2019
        AEthelmearc War Practice 2013, 2017, 2018
        Gulf War 2017
        AEthelmearc AEcademy, 2013

Illumination 101 - Drawing Acanthus & Ivy Leaves
        Pennsic 47, August 2018 I asked to fill in when I noticed a beginner class was being cancelled - 1 hr notice

The Incredible Paintable Egg
        Pennsic 2012
        Pennsic 48, Aug 2019

From Raw Materials to Paint
        AE advanced scribal track @ Pennsic 2012

Consort 101
        Twice at Pennsic 48, August 2019

The Gentle Art of Being a Consort
         AE War Practice, May 2010
        Pennsic 39
        Gold Chain Oct 2010, Blackwater)

Or Nue Embroidery
        Fall Schola(Oct 2009)Beau Fleuve
        Artisans Row @ Pennsic 2011, 2012, 2013

Card Woven Edges
        Costuming Collegium, Oct 2006, Beau Fleuve

Soft Armor - Padded Coifs & Gambesons
        Costuming Collegium, Oct 2006, Beau Fleuve

Introduction to Gothic Style Scrolls, Bar & Ivy
        AEthelmearc Academy, June 2002

Acanthus Drawing
        AEthelmearc Academy, June 2002

Calligraphy Hands of the Italian Renaissance
        AEthelmearc Heralds' & Scribes' Collegium, Fall A.S. XXXII

Scroll wordings inspired by medieval texts
        AE 12th Night - Sunderoak, 2003
         Sample wordings available online

Scroll Wordings based on Period Sources
        Pennsic 33 & 34
         Downloadable Handout

Italian Renaissance Scroll Layout
        Heralds, Scribes & Jewelers Collegium, Sunderoak
        Heralds' & Scribes' Collegium, Fall A.S. XXXII

Gesso Making - AE 12th Night, Sunderoak, 2003
         Online version of handout

Gilding: The application of gold Leaf
        AE scribal track @ Pennsic, Aug 2000
        AE Heralds' & Scribes'- June 2001

Tooling or Stamping on Gold Leaf
        AE scribal track @ Pennsic: Gothic scrolls, Pennsic 2000
        AE scribal track @ Pennsic:scribal playtime, Pennsic 2006

Introduction to Making Period Style Paints
        Heralds & Scribes, November 7, 1998
        Pennsic 47, August 2018 Last minute substitute teacher - 5 minutes to prep & get from camp to class

Online version of handout

Articles published

Compleat Anachronist - issue 166 fourth quarter 2014
        The Gentle Art of Being a Consort

Known World Handbook (2010 edition)
        "A Viewer's Guide to Crown Tourney"

Tournaments Illuminated
        "The Evolution of Books of Hours" v. 136 (Autumn 1999)

Midrealm Scribal Standards Handbook
        2017 printed & 2018 electronic edition (written content pgs 192-193 - Making Shell Gold)

Pigments of Your Imagination (AEthelmearc scribal arts newsletter)
  "Slaked Plaster" (winter 2010)
"Medieval Flowers: A Language without Words"
Alternative scroll wordings (series of articles)
        Replacing the Phrase - "We, _ & _, King & Queen of AEthelmearc"
        Replacing the Phrase - "Done by Our Hand"
        "Makers Marks of the Scribes of AEthelmearc"
        "Nobody *needs* two Awards of Arms:
        How to double check assignment information"

At Branches Reach (Shire of Sunderoak newsletter)
        "Calendar Dates and Roman Numerals Used in England Prior to 1600"
        "Medieval Flowers: A Language without Words"
        "The Battle of the Thirty"
        "Introduction to A&S Competitions" (parts 1 & 2)
         Chronicles of the Rose Royal Tournaments (series of articles)
 "The Second Tournament: Crimson Shore"
"The Third Tournament: Hare Raising Hounds"
"The Fourth Tournament: Honor and Chivalry"
"The Fifth Tournament: Summer's End"

Articles and Handouts Available Online
         A short selection of the most frequently viewed articles I have written.

AEthelmearc Order of the Laurel Website
         Laurel/Apprentice relationships

Sample scroll wordings from the AEthelmearc scribal standards handbook

Mix & Match AoA wordings based on a Hungarian Patent of Arms (1587)

Badges of the Orders of AEthelmearc

How to Slake Plaster ... and Why?

A Viewer's Guide to Crown Tourney


Aside from the aforementioned accomplishments,
         below are a few other things I am proud of:

William Blackfox Webminister's Award nominee, 2009
        Best Regular Feature

William Blackfox Award nominee, 2008
        best article "Medieval Flowers: A Language without Words"

William Blackfox Webminister's Award nominee, 2008 AS 43
        best original artwork - Shire of Sunderoak main page

William Blackfox Webminister's Award nominee, 2007 AS 42
        best original artwork - Shire of Sunderoak main page

Recipient of Sylvan Strand, 2009 (AEthelmearc web minister's award)
        Category - Best Regular Feature

Recipient of Sylvan Quill, 2008 (AEthelmearc Chronicler's award )
        Category, best article - "Medieval Flowers: A Language without Words"

Recipient of Sylvan Strand, 2008 (AEthelmearc web minister's award)
        Category - best original artwork - Shire of Sunderoak main page

Recipient of Sylvan Quill, 2007 (AEthelmearc Chronicler's award )
        Category, best layout & design of an electronic newsletter

Recipient of Sylvan Strand, 2007 (AEthelmearc web minister's award)
        Category - best original artwork - Shire of Sunderoak main page

AEthelmearc Artisan of the month, December 2009

Fellow of the Academy (AEthelmearc Academy A&S recognition)

The Redbook (AEthelmearc Scribal Standards Handbook)
        2000 edition (credit)
        2004 revision (Editor, additional written content, artwork & composition)

Or Nue embroidery for Duchess Rowan's cloak, 2009

Winner of Garnet Tourney (fighting, A&S, bardic triathlon) - with husband, Sir Aengus

Recipient of a Kingdom favor from Cygnus & Dorinda
        For endeavors to assist scribes via the Internet

Winner of the AEthelmearc scribal challenge -1995
  A year long exercise to expand scribal knowledge.

Developed and put into operation the AEthelmearc "paint-a blank" scribal arts learning project

47th bearer of the Axe of Heroes

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